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Citizenship and Passport information and Forms

Mauritian Citizenship

All Citizens of Mauritius, either by Birth, Descent, Adoption, Registration or Naturalization, are eligible for a Mauritius Passport, provided that they satisfy all conditions prescribed by law.

Please see the following link with respect to resumption of Mauritian citizenship & Passport eligibility and information on how to apply with contact details at relevant offices.

Application for a new Mauritius Passport

Information sheet for application for a new Mauritius passport
Model Letter of undertaking template
Model letter no new National ID card
PF 136 Passport Form

Application to renew a Mauritius Passport

Information sheet for the renewal of a new Mauritius passport
Model Letter of undertaking template
Model letter no new National ID card 
PF 136A Passport Renewal Form 

Application for passport endorsement

Model Letter of undertaking for passport endorsement template
Passport Endorsement Form

Application for travel document

Information sheet for the application for a travel document
PF 136 Passport Form

Visa Information

Australian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Mauritius if the duration of stay does not exceed 60 days.

However, they will have to meet the normal immigration requirements below:
(i) valid return ticket,
(ii) proof of hotel accommodation/booking; or letter of accommodation mentioning full names of host and guest, copy of utility bill from host, their passport numbers and exact dates of visit (DATES SHOULD INVARIABLY TALLY WITH RETURN TICKET),
(iii) a valid passport (to allow re-entry into Australia),
(iv) proof of sufficient funds for upkeep in Mauritius,
(v) travel insurance,
(vi) eligibility to enter the country of origin after your stay in Mauritius, or any other countries being visited en route,
(vii) visitor should not engage in any gainful activities during the stay in Mauritius.

For business visits, same as above applies, plus a business invitation letter or a company letter explaining business visit.

In case of a foreigner who is a resident in Australia, and assuming no visa is required for citizens of their country to travel to Mauritius, their eligibility to re-enter Australia (on a permanent residence visa or other visa) would be checked.

The following link provides a list of countries whose citizens require visa or not, and conditions which apply.

Application for a Mauritius visa (if required)

Information sheet for application of a Mauritius visa
Application for a visa for Mauritius



Trade Opportunities

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Event Information

Invitation to Community Leaders for Jubilee Planning

Community leaders in the Mauritian diaspora of Victoria and interested parties, are invited to a planning session at the Consulate in Melbourne on Saturday 20 January 2018 from 10am-12pm. As each organisation is planning its unique event, we are keen to learn more and...

International Conference of Mauritian Academic Diaspora 2018 – Call for papers

Join Us to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius!- International Conference of the Mauritian Academic Diaspora 2018 - Organised by The University of Mauritius - 20, 21 and 22 February 2018 On 12 March 2018, Mauritius will be celebrating a...

Event: Africa Down Under Conference 6-8 September 2017

Now in its 15th year, the Africa Down Under (ADU) Conference was created to raise awareness of Australia’s interests in African mining and energy. Over that period, the conference has grown into the largest African mining-focused event outside of the continent itself,...

Mauritius to Host Third Edition of the UNESCO-Merck Africa Research Summit

Mauritius will host the third edition of the UNESCO-MERCK Africa Research Summit in November 2017. The summit will serve as a platform for deliberation on research being undertaken to deal with and prevent cancer...Read more...

Travel and Tourism Information


‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’.  -Mark Twain

Mauritius is becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking for a high-end holiday on an amazing tropical paradise island. Rich with lush forest, wild waterfalls, unique wildlife, rocky mountains, white sand beaches and breathtaking crystal clear turquoise lagoons, this island nation is a dream holiday destination for people from all over the world.

The following links will provide more information about travel to Mauritius.